our projects

Infrastructural Development

Science and IT Laboratory

The school had just opened a new Science and IT lab. The Education Minister and the Secretary attended to officiate the opening ceremony on the 09th of October, 2019

Infrastructural Development

New Girls Dormitory

School had also built a new girls’ dormitory block in replacement of one which went up in flames in 2015. The new dormitory is a double storey building that can accommodate up to 80 students.

Infrastructural Development

School Water Project

The school had also completed a water project which was aimed to get clean water supply to the school campus.

Self Reliance Projects

Vegetable Farm, Piggery, Cattle Grazing

The school also looks into few self reliance projects like vegetable farming, piggery, cattle grazing, fish farming and poultry. They help a lot in supplementing some of the food rations in the mess, example protein.