Notice to Grade 11 Intakes – 2020

This notice goes to all the newly selected grade 11 students for 2020 academic year to take note of the following important documents.

There are two different types of documents; a) General Notices for you to read and understand few things about the school before you set foot in Aiyura National High School and b) Forms that the school requires you to complete before coming to resume the 2020 academic year.

The forms that need to be completed are those from (6) all the way down to (10). All parents and guardians are reminded that any form that requires you to fill in details must be fully completed and signed accordingly.

  1. Selected Student List (Check and make sure your name is on the list)
  2. Welcome Message (Spend some time to read and understand what is required of you as a student of Aiyura NHS)
  3. Offer Letter Notice (Explains to you on how you need to fill-in the forms you will find in your offer letter envelope)
  4. School Fee Notice (Explains to you how much fee in total for this year and the break-up for both school and project fees)
  5. School Rules (Very important!! You need to read carefully, understand and get yourself prepared mentally before coming)
  6. Student Enrollment Form (This form needs to be fully filled in thoroughly and honestly by both parents and the student)
  7. Medical Check Form (You need to take this form to a health center or clinic to do an examination. This form must be fully completed before coming in for your registration)
  8. Parent/Guardian Consent Form (Parents and Guardians are required to complete this form to authorize the school for their children’s participation in various school activities. If it is not completed, students may not be allowed to travel on school vehicles, go for excursions, play sports etc.)
  9. Parent/Guardian Undertaking on School Rules (This form is also a requirement for parents to read, understand and sign. This time parents/guardians are required to include their ID photos in the space provided in this form)
  10. State Declaration Form (It is a requirement also for the student to fill-in this form accurately, signed and witnessed by a commissioner of oath before coming in for your registration)

All the above documents are the same as the ones that you would see inside your offer letter envelopes. We are also making them available here for downloads in the event that your offer letter does not reach you on time. Simply download them and complete them fully before bringing them in for your registration.

For more information on any subject at all, simply message us on the contact form in our contact page.

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