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Grade 11 Selection List 2024


Following is the list of our grade 11 selections for the 2024 academic year. If you are going to be one of our students whose name appears…

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Covid-19 Protocols after Lock-down

Covid 19 Protocol
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All students are hereby informed to adhere to the following; All students who have left the school during the lock-down period are advised that the school will…

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Covid-19 Lock Down on second wave

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Papua New Guinea is currently experiencing the second wave of covid-19 infections as reported in various provincial centers in the country and poses serious threats to the…

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2024 Academic Year Enrollment Information

The school would like to inform all selected students that their offer letters have already been sent as soon as we have received them from Head Quarters.

Most of the students would have received them by now. However, if any student has yet to receive theirs and feels that it’s getting late, you need to contact the school as a matter of urgency and get this sorted out before registration begins on Friday, January 26, 2024.

However, students can travel as early as the 24th of January.

Please contact the school for more information.

Notice to all new incoming grade 11 students

Travel information

To all our fly-in students, you are advised to call the school informing us of your travel so that the school can organize pick-up transport for you at either Nadzab or Goroka airport. Call earlier the better.

For those who are travelling by road, you also need to contact the school in the event that you arrive at Kainantu very late.

This additional information goes out to all the newly selected grade 11 students for 2024 academic year to take note of the following important documents.

There are two different types of documents; a) General Notices for you to read and get familiarized with the school before you set foot in Aiyura National High School and b) Forms that the school requires you to complete before coming to resume the 2024 academic year.

All these forms have been sent to you together with the offer letters that you have received from the school. For you to successfully register for the 2024 academic year at our school, all necessary requirements must be fulfilled. 

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Grade 12 Certificates

To all our 2023 out-going grade 12 students, you are hereby informed that your grade 12 certificates have already arrived at the school.

Please, be informed that if any of you owe money to the school on outstanding project fees, bills, and charges, you will be required to have them settled first prior to the release of your certificates.

In order to settle any outstanding fees, it will be strictly done through the bank. There will be no cash payment over the counter at the school. You will be required to bring both deposit slips, electronic and manual, as proof of payment, and your certificate will be released to you. Note also that no photocopies or scan copies of certificates will be released to any student before outstanding fees are paid.

For students who can’t make it to the school to pick up their certificates, the school will post them through registered mail according to the addresses that you will provide to us. However, you will be required to pay the required mailing service fee before your certificates can be posted.

For further information, you can contact us through our email addresses: or You can also communicate with us through our Facebook group (Aiyura Info Group) or our Facebook page (Aiyura Nat. School of Excellence). To call the school, contact numbers are listed on our contact page.