Grade 11 Selection List 2024

Following is the list of our grade 11 selections for the 2024 academic year. If you are going to be one of our students whose name appears on the list or a parent or guardian to one of the students whose name appears on the list, please follow this page closely, as more important information will be posted here for you. For any clarifications, comment below or contact the school as soon as you can.

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      1. If the final selection list for Aiyura had been published, then why is the other school of excellence not publishing theirs too.??

  1. If the final selection list for Aiyura had been published, then why is the other school of excellence not publishing theirs too.??

  2. My son, Emmanuel Bainok has been selected to do grade 11 in 2024 from Lae Secondary. Can you please reply to a few questions below?

    1. Is the school picking up students from Lae using school transport? Students don’t know location of the school in EHP.
    2. What date students are travelling to school?
    3. What beddings are to be brought to school by students?
    4. What is the approved school boarding school fees for 2024. Can they pay into school a/c & bring payment receipts to cofirm & register?

    Will post more questions after receiving replies to these questions.

  3. Also parents of some of the selected students travelling by road may want to accompany their students to the school to register & settle them in. They may need to be accommodated at Aiyura for a day or two so would that be possible?

    1. The registration date for Aiyura NSOE will be on Friday, January 26, 2024. It will continue throughout the weekend.


      1. I need the minimum requirements for the fees and upfront payment (if any) so as to get my son in order by the 26th of this month. THANKS

    2. The registration date for Aiyura National School of Excellence will be on the 26th of January 2024.
      And the required school fee is K2700.00


    3. If you want your offer letter to reach you early, you need to provide us with your email address and we can email everything to you.

  4. Anne Afaisa George

    Greetings I’m the parent of GEORGE TANIIA(F)from Port Moresby-Central Province selected to do Gr 11 2024.Need Help.I don’t have any information sent to me..1.Date of travel? 2.What requirements to bring? 3.Approved school boarding fees?4.What are the components of the school fees? 5.Bank details for payment/receipts to confirm registration?

    1. Thanks for your comments. The offer letters will be posted after the new year. However, if you wish to receive it early, then you need to provide your email address, and we can send it to you.


      1. Thank you admin.

        I am the parent of Randol Sabub who was selected from Busu Secondary in Lae.
        I would like a copy of his offer letter emailed to me please.

    2. If you want the offer letter to reach you early, you need to provide us with your email address and we can email everything to you.

    1. Yes, your offer letters will be sent after the new year. However, if you have an email address and wish to receive it early, then provide it to us, and we can email your offer letter to you.

  5. Is it possible for me to transfer my son back to his old school…
    We have go some issues to traveling out to other provinces..
    Hope to get your feedback.
    Thanks and belated merry Christmas.

    1. Thanks for your comments. The decision to transfer your child back to his old school is in your hands. We cannot say much about that. As long as his space in his old school is guaranteed, then that should be fine.


  6. Kindly respond to my 2x pending comments.

    Also we were told by our secondary that our offer letters maybe with our National High Schools so please confirm this for us. We need to know how we will receive our offer letters.

    1. Your offer letters will be sent to the postal address indicated in the school leavers form. However, if the students provide their email addresses, they can receive them faster than through postal mail.


  7. Iam a parent of ENB student to this school concerning our student will there be any partpayment deposit out of K2700 please your information also still awaiting exceptance letter Thanks

    1. Can you provide the name for the student, please and we can email all the necessary documents to you.

  8. School fee (K2700)? this may be boarding & lodging fees which may also include school uniforms, shoes, etc. & this may not be school fees because the government’s fee-free policy covers all government’s schools including NSoE in PNG & no difference in fees? Can this be clarified?

    1. Your son’s offer letter has already been emailed to you through the email address you provided. Clarification on the school fee has also been sent together with the offer letter.

  9. Just to be clear, according to the school fee info the money (K2700) will be refunded after the government pays the TFFE right ?

  10. I have requested for my son’s (SAM PHILIP) offer letter and other important information through my email yesterday and have not recived it yet. My email address is;
    Thank you
    Philip Wanua

  11. Dominic Talamini

    Hi, my son Talamini Bonaventure is accepted to do Gr. 11 there. Please if possible could you kindly email my son’s acceptance letter and other necessary information that we need to know before we set foot there. I am still waiting to receive the letter.
    Concerned parent: Dominic Talamini

  12. Hii there greetings,My name is Lesah Kada from East New Britain,Utmei Secondary.I’ve been selected to do My grade 11 at Aiyura..
    And my parents need my enrollment requirements and flight details,could you please email my acceptance letter n school requirements and flight details to this email address…

  13. Hello, my name is Siva Koniu from OLSH VUNAPOPE SECONDARY Kokopo. l cannot easily access my offer letter sent to my school’s email address. I would greatly appreciate you send my offer letter to my email address below (

    Thank you very much and God bless.

  14. Hello sorry for the inconvenience. My name is Manasseh HANS. I was told by my deputy principal (Mr. Ropra) of Lae Secondary that my offer letter is at Aiyura NSoE so would you kindly sent my offer letter on this email address (

    Thank you for your time and GOD bless.

      1. I am a parent who requested my daughter’s acceptance letter yesterday and am just following upon that.
        My daughter’s name is Dushane Kaiat from Hoskins Secondary in West New Britain Province.
        Please send it as soon as possible.

  15. Hello, my name is Manasseh HANS from Lae Secondary school. I have a query. My dad is going to assist me with the registration but since we’ll be traveling away form home, is the school going to provide us 1 or 2 days accommodation.

    1. Good question.
      However, the school does not provide accommodation for outsiders apart from students.
      Your dad can find accommodation outside in order to stay close to you and help with your registration.
      Otherwise, teachers here can assist you with everything you need during the registration process.


  16. Kindly email acceptance letter with detailed info. for student SAMUEL PUT- last school attended,Togoba
    High School, Mt. Hagen, WHP

  17. Hi, Hard copies of my offer letter have not been sent to the postal address that was provided on SLF form and since time is catching up I was wondering when they would be sent ?

    1. Send me your number, and I can WhatsApp your offer letter.

      I emailed it already, but you are still saying that it has not yet been received.


  18. Celastine Gafudiya

    Please inform us about the outside parts of Aiyura or eastern highlands province for those are have an opportunity of coming new intake where would the pick up of their tickets for coming early to the school.thank you
    Guardian of Ms Remmie Gafudia (new intake to your instituition)

    1. If you have already received the offer, all the information regarding tickets is there as well.

      In short, let me repeat myself here again: check at your nearest Airniugini sales office for the ticket.

      Present some form of valid identification; maybe your offer letter would do as well.


  19. Hi,I’m Norm Rebetin. I’ve attended Kwikila secondary last year (2023).I’ve been selected to come your school.
    I need proof evidence,therefore, please,can you send me my acceptance documents,through this communication Chanel.
    Ta! God bless 🙌 🙏

  20. About the tickets, is it going to be sent to us along with the offer letter or we’ll have to obtain it the other way around

  21. Am Afike Gwenda. My request for my offer is not yet received and the time is catching up. Pls send it quick. The headmaster to my last school can’t collect the offer from the post office due to the current situation in POM. (Police and defense strike. ) Email:

  22. Please I need my offer letter to be emailed to me quick because the time is catching up..
    My name is Yagi Chris .
    Below is my email address

  23. Can we pay the school fee 50% and above to first enter school then complete the school fee later in the year or do we have to pay in full?

    A reply would be much appreciated.
    Thank you.

  24. I am a father of Tatiana Tangmen requesting if possibl please send me exceptions letter and and the school fee for 2024 and account details

  25. My son YA:WALA KWAIYAMA was selected to do Grade 11 at Aiyura National High School. Please he might come late so make a space available for him. Thank you so much.

  26. Alphonse Tangmen

    Sir,as Iam the father of the selected student redusting for the names of school registrar,and the land line and Tatiana Tangmen is selected so what do we say what catogary HACAS or self sponsor

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