Covid-19 Protocols after Lock-down

Covid 19 Protocol

All students are hereby informed to adhere to the following;

  1. All students who have left the school during the lock-down period are advised that the school will be expecting all students to start returning on Friday 16th April 2021. If any student arrives earlier before the said date, be reminded that you won’t be allowed entry into the school campus. The purpose is because there are protocols put in place on the ground for all students to start following them starting on Friday and will continue on for the next two weeks. Hope this is very clear.
  2. All vehicles that will be bringing in students would only drop off students at the school gate and return. Meaning that all students have to walk in from the gate into the school.
  3. As students walk in, there will be Checks that the covid-19 team will conduct on them before releasing them to their accommodation venues. All students should present themselves at the school gate with their own face masks.
  4. While on campus, all students will be required to observe the Covid-19 protocols very closely with strict monitoring. All the protocols will be spelled out clearly to every student upon arrival on campus. Among them will be; social distancing, face masks, hand sanitizing, coughing into elbow, no hugging and shaking of hands etc. You will also expect to be temperature checked at most places like the mess, classrooms, library etc.
  5. Be informed that for any student who decides not to comply with any of the Covid-19 protocols, the only penalty will be to be sent home until the covid situation is put under control.
  6. For more information or any clarification, please call or email the school on the school email address available on this site.

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