Covid-19 Lock Down on second wave


Papua New Guinea is currently experiencing the second wave of covid-19 infections as reported in various provincial centers in the country and poses serious threats to the normal livelihood of the citizens both in the rural and urban centers.

As a result all schools in the country have gone into lock-down for the next four weeks or so which Aiyura National High School is no exception to this nation-wide lock-down. During this lock-down period, all students are urged to adhere to all the covid-19 protocols like wearing of face masks, social distancing, no shake hands, sanitizing etc at all times whether on campus or while at home.

Regarding the on-going classroom teaching and learning which is now going to take place through online means, the following announcements are worth noting by the concerned grades, classes and students groups.

  1. Grade 12 Chemistry classes are advised that notes and other student activities are posted online on the google classroom titled “ANHS Grade 12 Chemistry”. In order to enroll into that class, the class code is, 4wibde3.
  2. Similar information goes to the Grade 11 Chemistry classes. Your google classroom is titled “ANHS Grade 11 Chemistry”. In order to enroll to this class, the class code is, z745our.
  3. Please not that you will only be able to access the online classroom and the materials if you log in using the email account that the school had provided you with. With your private gmail or any other accounts it won’t be possible.
  4. For any student who may have forgotten his/her email address or the password, you are advised to immediately contact Mr. Songe so that your account details will be recovered or reset.
  5. To contact Mr. Songe, you can simply click on the messenger icon that shows up in pink colour at the bottom right hand corner and he should be able to help you.

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